Sports Massage Therapy, Fitness and health.

At the heart of our practice, Tom brings not just a wealth of expertise in Musculoskeletal Physical Therapy but also a deep passion for helping each individual on their journey to wellness. With a rich background as a Sports Massage Therapist, trained to level 4 since 2004 through the SPS Learn course, Tom offers specialized sports massage sessions designed not just to soothe and rehabilitate but to invigorate and inspire.

Understanding that healing and health extend beyond the therapy room, Tom is dedicated to guiding you towards your fitness and wellbeing aspirations. Having completed a Sport and Exercise Science Coaching degree in 2003, followed by the prestigious UK Strength and Conditioning Coaching award in 2009, he is uniquely positioned to offer personal training sessions that are not only effective but tailored to your unique goals and needs.

Beyond individual care, Tom is committed to fostering healthier workplaces. He partners with healthcare providers and organizations, delivering bespoke solutions that enhance staff health and wellbeing. A recent collaboration with the Scandinavian Dental Center showcased Tom’s ability to innovate, providing ergonomic solutions that benefit both patients and the dental team alike.

At every step, Tom’s approach is rooted in empathy and expertise, aiming to empower you to achieve optimal health and performance, whether in the sphere of professional athletics, personal fitness, or workplace wellbeing.

@ScanDentBxl great to collaborate with you for getting best patient comfort & ergonomics #thefutureofdentistry